Articles from February 2016

Ep.#165: Scott Shetler talks deadlifting tips from WestsideBarbell, Cowspiracy, the Joe Rogan podcast, Rafael dos Anjos, MMA strength training’s missing link, and more

    Top strength coach and author, Scott Shetler returns to

Ep.#164: Top strength coach Vince McConnell talks breaking up w/old exercises, why chasing PRs is ruining your training program, the gateway drug needed in your training program, and more

  Top strength coach, Vince McConnell returns to the show to discuss the lost art of training longevity, how constantly chasing

Ep.#163: Adam Blake, of H2O, talks Phil Anselmo’s racist rant, Pantera, armchair MMA fighters, training while touring, Steve Maxwell, and more

  Adam Blake, the bassist for the New York hardcore punk band, H2O joins Mike & Sincere this week to discuss

Ep.#162: What are the benefits of Zig Zag Dieting, why you should forget “cheat meals,” wisdom from Rumi and more

  This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the