Articles from November 2015

Ep.#155: Financial expert, Rohit Kalra shares why your fiscal fitness and physical fitness are in direct correlation with one another, plus his top personal financial strategies to go into 2016 financially stronger

  It’s that time of the year, where waistlines usually get bigger, while bank accounts get a lot slimmer. Financial expert, Rohit Kalra joins us, to discuss why your

Ep.#154: Charles Poliquin talks Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey, powerlifting in MMA, marijuana, the Paris attacks, and more

  Top strength expert and highly sought-after coach, Charles Poliquin, returns to discuss

Ep.#153: Dr. Julio Garcia talks stem cells for fat loss and injury recovery, Scientology, Mike Tyson, Caitlyn Jenner and gender reassignment, viagra, and more

  Dr. Julio Garcia joins today’s episode to talk how his p’s revolutionizing approach to fat loss via stem cell therapy, his personal