Articles from October 2015

“The Obstacle Is the Way” author, Ryan Holiday, talks the benefits of inconveniences, why you should think of your antagonist having sex, the Schwarzenegger-George Orwell connection and more

  Ryan Holiday is a media strategist and prominent writer on strategy and business. After dropping out of

Ep.#151: Top strength coach, Ory Ortega, discusses why he ditched Crossfit, how he helped pioneer the growth of fitness in Central America, why Crossfit’s “Fran” is ready for retirement, how not to deadlift like a prison inmate, and more

This week, Mike & Sincere chat with top fitness coach Ory Ortega,of Briga Training in Panama, as they discuss the importance of

Ep.#150: Mike shares why the “Low Fat Diet” craze was a lie, Sincere’s current Top 5 coffee roasters, and why working for someone may be better than being an entrepreneur

  This week, Mike & Sincere talk sex hormones, the myth of the “Low Fat” craze, Sincere’s top 5 coffee picks, as well as the