Articles from April 2015

Ep.#128: Pt. 2 – Steve Maxwell discusses the benefits of timed static training & periodization

  Here’s part 2 of our discussion with top strength coach Steve Maxwell. In this highly anticipated episode, we discuss the

Ep.#127: Christina Danos shares how she has successfully utilized kettlebells and kettlebell sport to help raise awareness and support resources for Autism via Kettlebells 4 Autism

  Christina Danos created Kettlebells 4 Autism with the goal of raising awareness about autism through

Ep.#126: Fit pro Jimmy Smith pulls no punches regarding Bulletproof coffee, Crossfit, the UFC’s drug policies, stevia, organic foods, and more

  Fit pro, Jimmy Smith, has appeared in some of the top health & fitness publications & website, including Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Outside, &, just to name a few. Jimmy, who is the creator of th

Ep.#125: Pt. 1 – Steve Maxwell returns to discuss the relevency of high intensity interval training, Arthur Jones, Mike Mentzer, and personal a– kicking certain circuit training

    Top Strength coach, Steve Maxwell returns for a special 2 part episode to address various training protocols. On this episode Steve discusses his stance on