Articles from December 2014

Ep.#113: Save The’s Jen Feuerstein, discusses why that big smile on the face of chimps in movies is not what you think, the PTSD connection between chimps and military vets, and why you should rethink that “sanctuary” you may be supporting

  Jen Feuerstein is the sanctuary director of the Save The Chimps organization. Jen joins us to discuss how the chimps of STC were rescued from a major animal testing facility in New Mexico, the truth behind the use of chimps in the entertainment and advertising industry, why that “sanctuary” you are donating to, may […]

Ep.#112: Pt.2 – Dr. Mark Gordon returns &discusses how the military, professional sports organizations, and others have responded to his research & treament of TBI & PTSD, why most “high cholesterol” warnings are b.s., & proper dosing of hormone replacement

  Dr. Mark Gordon returns for part 2 of our discussion of his research and treatment of hormone replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury, as well as addressing

Ep.#111: Dr. Mark L. Gordon discusses the effects of traumatic brain injuries on hormone health, TBI vs. PTSD, Estrogen Balance for men and more

  Dr. Mark Gordon has researched the risks and benefits of clinical hormonal reconstitution for over 15 years. Treating over 10000 patients, Dr. Gordon is a pioneer in hormone testing and replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury & has now treated scores of

Ep.#110: David Weck is the creator of the popular BOSU ball. Dave joins us to discuss “Bosu-haters,” the ins & outs of creating physical fitness products, Matt Furey’s marketing methods, BOSU myths, strength coach Eric Cressey, & more

  David Weck is the innovative mind behind the popular, and often controversial, Bosu Ball. David joins us to dispel the

Ep.#109: Mick Benzo, the co-host of Ice T’s Final Level Podcast and longtime entertainment industry vet joins us to discuss being a part of hip hop’s inception, his business relationship w/Ice T., the need for music programs in schools & wellness for men

  Mick Benzo is the co-host of Ice T’s Final Level Podcast, as well as the CEO of PayUp Management. The longtime entertainment industry vets joins Mike & Sincere to discuss the following:     Mick shares how he got started in the music business, his family ties to the legendary hip hop pioneers Grandmaster Flash, and how […]