Articles from October 2014

Ep.#104: Voice For The’s Melya Kaplan returns to discuss the business benefits of pets & real estate, why you should smash someone’s car window, what the circus & Sea World don’t want you to know, & increasing your child’s I.Q. via compassion

  Melya Kaplan ( founded Voice For The Animals in 1999. Melya was inspired to start Voice For The Animals after seeing many homeless cats and dogs wandering the streets of Venice when she first moved to the community. She quickly realized there was a dire need for a new type of animal protection organization. Melya returns […]

Ep.#103: How do you train during or after an injury? UK-based physiotherapist Chris Lendrum explains how, plus, his opinion on Vibrams, if holistic methods are b.s., & more

Christopher Lendrum is U.K.based professional physiotherapist whose mission is to educate those who have injuries and give them specific

Ep.#102: Freddy Cricien of the New York hardcore scene joins us to discuss fronting a hardcore band at age 12, dealing w/ “extra-curricular” activities of the music scene, his current training regimen, how to avoid getting screwed in business & more

  Freddy Cricien is the lead singer of the legendary New York hardcore group, Madball. Freddy, the half-brother of legendary hardcore band. Agnostic Front’s lead vocalist Roger Miret, is also 1/2 of the hip hop duo, Freddy Madball & DJ Stress. Freddy joins us to discuss fronting a hardcore band at the age of 12, […]

Ep.#101: Top strength coach Vince McConnell returns to share the best & smartest way to train yourself or clients approaching or currently age 50+ for strength & longevity, while dispelling all training myths

  What’s the best…scratch that…what’s the “smartest” way to train, if you’re 50 or older, train clients who at 50+, or train yourself and/or clients approaching 50? Top strength coach Vince McConnell returns to the LLA podcast to share how he helps his clients in this age range, as well as how he