Articles from September 2014

Ep.#100: Mike & Sincere discuss the road to achieving 100 episodes of the LLA podcast, why no one should care about the 1st openly gay pro athlete, why Anderson Silva needs a shrink, marijuana-fuel business ideas & more

  Mike & Sincere celebrate a major milestone, as the Live Life Aggressively podcast reaches episode 100. During this episode, both discuss the future of the

Ep.#99: Claudia Altucher, a WSJ, USA Today, & Amazon best-selling co-author of “The Power of No,” which she co-wrote w/her husband James Altucher, discusses why saying “No” can be healthy, avoiding psycho dates, disliking the word “meditation” & more

  Claudia Altucher is a Wall Street Journal, Amazon, & USA Today best-selling co-author of “The Power of No,” which she co-wrote with her husband, James Altucher. The avid yoga lover & teacher is also a speaker and has penned her own book, “21 Things To Know Before Starting An Ashtanga Pracice.” During this episode, […]

Ep.#98: Dr. William Wong returns to discuss all things coffee, its health benefits, what your Dr. doesn’t want you to know about coffee, dispelling the “kids can’t drink coffee” myth, why beer is healthier than wine, utilizing coffee for sports performance & more

  Dr. William Wong, a very popular & highly downloaded previous LLA podcast guest, returns to help clarify the health benefits of the world’s most favorite drink….coffee. Dr. Wong helps us sift through all of the coffee myths, the medical industry’s anti-coffee propaganda, as well answer your frequently asked questions regarding

Ep.#97: Jon Lipsey & Joe Warner, formally of Men’s Fitness UK, share how they plan to give the finger to the old way of publishing successful fitness magazines & pioneer the movement to take the fitness magazine industry forward w/a no “b.s.” approach

  Jon Lipsey & Joe Warner ( left a couple of cush gigs at Men’s FItness Magazine UK, at the height of taking the magazine to it’s best publication years in history, only to start from square one with their own “digital-only” fitness publication. What would prompt these guys to make such a ballsy move, with no guarantees […]