Articles from August 2014

Ep.#96: Tom Furman has been involved in martial arts & conditioning for over 4 decades & is a leader in integrating strength, movement, and physical combat. Tom joins us to talk improving mobility with simple methods, b.s. certification renewals, & more

Tom Furman ( has been involved in martial arts and conditioning since 1972. With an early background in wrestling and a student of the methods of the York Barbell Club, Tom immediately separated fact from fiction growing up outside

Ep.#95: Rannoch Donald is a movement maverick, coach, & founder of the Men’s Health Magazine featured “100rep Challenge” & joins us to discuss PEDs, Fat, Salt, & Sugar addictions, if fit men prefer to be with muscular women, the war on young men, Scottish

  Rannoch Donald is a movement maverick, inspirational trainer, coach and founder of the ground breaking 100 Rep Challenge (as featured in Men’s Health), Rannoch has a lifelong interest in health and well being through movement, mindfulness and the martial arts. Rannoch’s focus is on

Help Feed The Students of Ferguson

“In order for us to see a positive change for the future of our country, we have to make sure we care for those who help change it.” -Sincere The following is a message from the awesome school teacher that put this campaign together: “As the world watches the events unfolding in Ferguson, many people […]

Ep.#94: John Joseph is best known as the lead singer of the NY punk band The Cro-Mags, Bloodclot, & the author of the controversial book, “Meat Is For Pussies.” John talks about his book, the Soy-Estrogen myth, why Dr.Oz is a flake, & Whole Foods in the hood & more

  John Joseph ( is a punk rock singer from New York City, most famous for his work with the Cro-Mags in the 1980s and the band Bloodclot. Joseph is the author of the book “Meat is for Pussies,” released in the Spring of 2010 on vegan nutrition, training, and the healthy lifestyle. John grew up as

Ep.#93: Don Ryce shares how the Jimmy Ryce Foundation helps law enforcement protect children from sexual predators one bloodhound at a time

  Don Ryce (, the father of the late Jimmy Ryce and previous LLA podcast guest, Ted Ryce (Episode #70), is one of the three Directors on the

Ep.#92: How does a high level young athlete go from skinny, to morbidly obese in one summer, to high level kettlebell sport athlete & youngest Master of Sport in North America? Ken & Mitch Blackburn tells us & what parents can learn from Ken

  One of our more popular guests, Ken Blackburn (, returns with his son Mitch. Mitch spent most of his childhood as the shorter, skinnier kid, compared to most of the kids he grew up with. However, in one summer, he became morbidly obese. How did Mitch find his way from skinny, to obese, to […]