Articles from June 2014

Ep. #86: Clarence Bass, a fitness legend, discusses metabolism myths, how to get fitter as you age, healthy “threesomes,” the benefits of sprinting & walking for brain health & overall fitness, maintaining single digit bodyfat for many decades & more

  Clarence Bass ( is an attorney and fitness writer. He is also known for his series of Ripped books, which chronicle how he brought his body fat down to 2.4% and became a past-40 bodybuilding champion. Bass also wrote a monthly question-and-answer column in Muscle & Fitness bodybuilding magazine. He has kept detailed journals and photos documenting his fitness spanning almost […]

Ep.#85: Bret Contreras, aka “The Glute Guy,” talks bikini-clad women in elevators, the best way to build strong glutes, controversial exchanges w/Charles Poliquin. The Hip Thruster, Shark Tank, misadventures in Auckland hot springs, & more

Bret Contreras ( is considered by many as the foremost expert in glutes training. Bret has authored books, written numerous sports-science related articles, as well as, adds the title of inventor to his attributes thanks to his creation of “The Hip Thruster.”   Although Bret works with a variety of clients, it is his long […]

Ep.#84: Pt. 2 of our discussion w/Dubai-based Strength Coach & Crossfit Competitor Marcus Smith, aka “The Fittest Man in the UAE,” as he shares his journey as a Crossfit Games competitior

Listen in on Pt. 2 of our chat with Marcus Smith, the founder of Innerfight (, professional former rugby player, strength & conditioning coach & widely considered one

Ep.#83: Pt.1 – Marcus Smith is a Dubai-based Strength Coach, as well as a former Rugby player, the creator of Inner, & was named “The Fittest Man in the UAE” by Physique Magazine

Marcus Smith, the founder of Innerfight ( is a former