Articles from January 2014

Ep.#49: Kent Pumpa, a successful entrepreneur, bootcamp franchise creator, & fitness branding expert based in Australia, talks building a successful fit biz, creating multiple income streams, B.S. online certs, & fitness snobs – 013014

  Kent Pumpa  ( is a successful entrepreneur, bootcamp franchise creator, coach, business mentor, and fitness branding expert based in Sydney Australia. During episode #49 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Kent joins Mike & Sincere to discuss: How did Kent’s upbringing, participation in sports, and past career help forge his current business Kent shares […]

Ep.#48 Mike & Sincere answer listener questions, talk body shaming, high quality coffee sources, erectile dysfunction, Spartacus-themed Sex parties & more – 012714

  Episode #48: Mike & Sincere answer your questions sent via email, twitter, and sent via the LLA podcast Facebook fanpage. Plus, Mike & Sincere also discuss:   The benefits of making yourself scarce in term of your online presence for your business What situation has Mike and Sincere taking the position to no longer […]

Ep.#46 – Dr. Peter Rouse, a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, a M.Sc in Biochemistry & in Genetics Talks Reversing Aging, Living To Be 175 Years Old, Bulletproof Coffee & more : 012014

  Dr. Peter Rouse  ( is a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, a M.Sc in Biochemistry, and a M.Sc in Genetics. Peter has become well known as a specialist in rehabilitation therapy and corrective exercise and has also developed a functional integrative model of nutritional therapy and functional medicine with focus on Health Extension (life extension […]

Ep.#45 – Steve Cotter, Internationally Known as a Kettlebell & Strength & Conditioning Coach, Creator of The IKFF & more, talks PEDs in Kettlebell Sport, Training & Travel, & The Future of The IKFF : 011614

    Steve Cotter  ( is the creator and president of the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation (IKFF), as well a a well known strength and conditioning coach, martial artist, speaker, and best known as helping to spread the culture of kettlebell training on a global scale. During episode #45 of the Live Life Aggressively […]

Ep.#44 – Mike & Sincere Recap Their Favorite Shows of 2013, how Mustang Wanted Helps Keep Your Glutes Type, + Shaq & The South Asian Mack Daddy – 011314

  Episode #44: Mike & Sincere recap their favorite guests and episodes of the LLA podcast from 2013, and also take a look at Sincere’s recent Las Vegas adventures. Plus, Mike & Sincere also discuss: What we learned from guest James Pond about power in numbers Where you should look in terms of resources to […]

Ep.#43: Top strength coach Charles Poliquin talks hormone profiling, Virgin Sex Therapists, Training for Depression, Animal Refuge, & Steven Segal : 010914

  Charles Poliquin  ( is one of, if not “the” most sought-after strength & conditioning coaches worldwide. He has coached some of the top professional athletes, including well-known NHL players, Olympic athletes, and NFL players. Charles is also the creator of “The Poliquin Principles.” During episode #43 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Charles joins […]

Ep.#42: Mike & Sincere Share Their 2014 Fitness Trends Predictions, Discuss Beachbody “Coaches,” Fit Pro Pricing, & Will & Grace?

  Episode #42: Our popular listener Q&A segment of the twice-weekly Live Life Aggressively show is available right now. This week, Mike & Sincere discuss: Why P90X is like marijuana What should your theme be for 2014 Why you should run in the other direction when you encounter most Beachbody “Coaches“ What is the cost […]

Alternatives Cream Choices For Those Who Love Coffee But Have Dairy Sensitivities

Look, I love tea….. a lot. I also love coffee…..No, seriously. I really LOVE coffee, and I know  am not the only one. Can I get an amen? I’ve been known to post some coffee porn on my Instagram page, as well as other places on social media where I may hang out. In fact, […]