Articles from January 2011

Review: Tim Bell’s “The Bodyweight Solution” Ebook & Training Program

Honestly, I’ve been a fan of my buddy Tim Bell of Jungle, long before we discovered and touched based with each other on Facebook. However, I must admit, being on Facebook as afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the top coaches in the health & fitness world, and Tim is no […]

A Tabata Approach To Kettlebells & Bodyweight Training (guest post by Arnav Sarkar)

Stop reading this article right now, and go do a slow 60 minutes walk on the treadmill! Okay I was just joking, ha ha. However till a few years ago this is what seriously was done for cardio and recommended by most “experts”. Now, I have nothing against walking as such, but when someone says […]

Jack Lalanne, Health & Fitness Great, “Passes” at Age 96 & Why He is Not “Dead.”

Truly considered the godfather of modern health & fitness, Jack Lalanne passed away over the weekend, at age 96. I say “passed” & not “died” because Jack was quoted stating the following: “I tell people I can’t afford to die; it will wreck my image!” I remember watching old clips of his TV show on […]

Stepping Up Your Game To End Childhood Obesity. How Are You Playing Your Part?

I remember watching an episode of The Biggest Loser, about 2 years ago, and one of the contestants, who was only 18 and had been battling weight issues all of his life, confronted his father, who was also morbidly obese and a contestant on the show. The contestant, Mike Morelli, asked his father, Ron, why […]

My Favorite Tabouleh Recipe

I must admit that tabouleh (pronounced “tuh’bool’eh”) salad has to be my favorite salad in the world. Unlike many salads, which fail to fill you up or are loaded with too many fat or caloric dense ingredients, tabouleh has just the right amount of good carbs, fiber, and good fats that are essential for a […]

North Meets South: Body Weight Training For Results!

Today,  The New Warrior Training team presents a  guest post by fellow New Warrior:  Timothy Bell, PTS (Jungle Fit – Personal Training). I’d like to send a big fat, Texas-sized “Thank You” to Tim, for today’s guest post. I know you will enjoy Tim’s info, as well as the 3 Day training routine, Tim includes […]

New Warrior Workouts: Plyo-Spidey Push Ups & 400m Interval Sprint

Here is a cool workout we did in our New Warrior FitCamp class. This is a simple, yet effective fat-burning, strength workout, using only 2 exercises. You will perform each exercise back to back, and rest only between rounds. Rest no more than 2-3 min between rounds. Perform as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) x […]

Kettlebells and Bodyweight Training w/ MBodyStrength’s Marcus Martinez

My good friend & bad ass strength coach, Marcus Marinez of, put together a kick butt workout, to help you get your New Year off to a great start.  In this clip, Marcus utilizes 2 of my favorite training tools, kettlebells & bodyweight. Both are highly conventional, when you need to get in a […]