Articles from November 2010

Win a Brand New Competition Kettlebell By Posting On My Fanpage! Here’s how…

I hope you had a great weekend, and if you’re in the U.S., I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, as well. I’m glad I had the opportunity to spend time with my moms (yes, I have 2…my grandmother & birth mother), as well as spend time with my other family members, whom I only […]

Happy 235th Birthday United States Marine Corp From New Warrior Training

Today marks the 235th birthday of the United States Marine Corp. For 235 years, these brave men and women, have dedicated themselves to protecting the freedom of the United States, as well, as its allies. The Marines have always captured my attention, via their tenacity, dedication, patriotism, and overall reputation for being some of the […]

Sincere Interviews Crossfit Houston’s Carlos Ibarra – Pt. 1

I recently stopped by Crossfit Houston, to find out from my homie, and CFH’s owner Carlos Ibarra, what makes them different from most Crossfit facilities, what makes Carlos and his coaches different from most, as well as give you a sneak peek at CFH, which is the host facility for Mike Mahler’s and my upcoming […]