Articles from June 2010

Random “Jump Off” Training For Strength & Mostly Preparing For Anytime “&^%#” Happens

Every now and then I like to do, what I’ve labeled as “Jump Off” training. Basically, at some random time of the day, I just pick up something heavy (that I know I can lift safely), and knock out some random sets. Sometimes, I may just randomly walk out of the house and haul ass […]

Former “The Biggest Loser” Contestant Shares Unhealthy Reality Of The TV Show

Here’s an interesting news clip shared on Facebook by my friends Mike Sanders and Angie Lee, in regards to a former “The Biggest Loser” contestants allegations regarding the true reality of participating on the show. Kai Hibbard, a Season 3 TBL contestant, shares her experience from the show with CBS reporter, Erica Hill, about the […]

New Warrior Training on The Playground in Houston

Take a look at how our New Warrior FitCamp Crew (, kick butt & have fun with nothing more than a playground and a wall. Here’s the workout: 1. Pull-2-Frog Hop on Playground Slab x 1 min 2. 1 leg Decline Push Up (Switch feet at the 30 second mark) x 1 min 3. Handstand […]

Pt. 3 of Sincere’s “House of Pain” Visit to Houston’s Primal Iron Gym

Here’s part 3 of my visit to Houston’s Primal Iron Gym, one of the premiere underground gyms in Htown. This final installment features a hardcore 7 minute circuit of madness featuring a few of my favorite underground training implements: battling ropes, sledgehammer, tires, sandbags, a heavy “bag” named “Peggy Bundy,” and the infamous “towel dance” […]