Articles from May 2010

Houston’s “Primal Iron” Crew Serves A Dose of 10 Min. Tire Flipping Madness

Here’s part 2 (the next day) of my visit to Houston’s Primal Gym, one of the premiere underground gyms in Htown. In this clip, the Reverend, Bart Stewart, David Brashear, and MMA Lightweight Pro, Carlo Prater demonstrate, what Bart calls: “Steel Belted Radial Therapy.” The guys basically flip a 450 pound tractor tire, in “round […]

New Warrior Coach – Sincere Hogan Invades Houston’s “Primal Iron” Underground Gym- Pt.1

In my never-ending quest to find the baddest, hardcore gyms in not only Houston, but Texas, the U.S., and more, on this episode of Sincere’s Hogan – “House of Pain,” I recently made a stop in my own backyard. For months now, “The Reverend” Bart Stewart, pro MMA bad ass, Carlo Prater, & strength coach […]

The Warriors Affected By The Nashville Floods Need Your Assistance

I’m not much of a news person. In fact, I hardly ever watch it, due to so much of the its focus on just about all things negative. However, I can usually know what’s going on in the world, immediately when it happens, via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Yet, for some reason, […]

Houston Coach Sincere Hogan Having Fun Tumbling at Gymboree!

Here’s a clip of my son and I having a “Tumble-off” at my niece’s first birthday party at Gymboree. Honestly, I think we “big kids” were playing more than the little kids. We did cart wheels, tuck and rolls, flips, and I think my son even threw in some “jerks.” (the jerk dance…not the ballistic […]