Articles from March 2010

“How Not To Train With A Kettlebell” : Episode 1

OK, it never ceases to amaze me how many a–clowns continue to try to capitalize on kettlebell training. It takes a consorted effort to disprove that a tool, that has been around since the turn of the last century, is not a “new” fad. However, when cornballs, such as the ones I will feature in […]

Sincere’s 2010 Arnold Sports Festival Kettlebell Adventures pt.2

Here are a few more moments from the second day at the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival. My fellow IKFF kettlebell competitors & I head to the Columbus Convention Center, after our official weigh in. The most serious thing about weigh-ins, is making weight (of course). As with any sport, where making weight is essential, the […]

John “Wild” Buckley: 2010 Arnold Sports Festival Champion “Pick Up Artist!”

Most guys try to impress the ladies, by flexing their muscles, especially at the Arnold Sports Festival. However, the Orange Kettlebell Club & IKFF’s John “Wild” Buckley, likes to im”press” the ladies, not with flexing his muscles, posing, or using cheesy pick up lines….John just “picks them up!” IN this clip, John lifts everyone from […]

More Kettlebell Long Cycle Fun As Sincere Continues Training For The 2010 Arnolds Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.

Here’s another training session, about a week out from my first time competing at the 2010 Arnold Classic, and my first time participating in a kettlebell sport competition. After, reviewing this clip, I found a few tweaks that would help me get more reps, be more efficient in my movement, and reduce muscle fatigue. One […]