Articles from December 2009

Houston Trainer’s Jump Rope & Bodyweight Training For Fat Loss & More

Here’s a workout for fat loss, using 4 exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. The bonus….the only equipment you need is a jump rope. By performing these 4 exercises, back-to-back without rest, you will ramp up your metabolism, cardio, save time, & enhance strength & flexibility. Here’s The Workout: Superset: 1a. Skip Rope x 3 […]

Houston Kettlebell Coach Demonstrates Kettlebell Side Shuffle Swing + Goblet Jump Squats

Here’s a sure fat-burning kettlebell combo that , not only builds strength and explosive power in your legs, but sends your conditioning through the roof. This side shuffle swing/goblet jump squat combo is also a great way to bust through any training & fat loss plateaus, you may be experiencing. This workout is great for […]

Exercise Tips For Training In The Winter: Plus Snow Returns To Houston

Dude, I can’t believe the weather guys/gals finally got something right, with this unpredictable weather in Southeast Texas. When someone says the word “snow” in Texas, the most you’ll get out of us is a cynical laugh. However, after a 2 year hiatus, snow returned to the Lone Star State. I can can see how […]

How To Train & Look Like A Ninja Assassin: New Warrior Training Style

This past weekend, wifey & I took an impromptu weekend trip to our new 2nd home, Austin, TX. I love to go there to just clear my head, or get some inspiration from one of the fittest/healthiest cities in America. This particular weekend did not disappoint. Along with all of the great places to eat […]