Articles from September 2009

New Warrior Kettlebells-Houston : Kettlebell/Bodyweight Fat-Burning Brutality

Here’s a really crazy circuit of kettlebells & bodyweight exercises, that will have you smoked. It definitely had one of my New Warrior Kettlebells – Houston warriors sweating, as you will see in this video. Here is the workout: Perform each exercise, back to back, without rest for 1 min. each. Once you’ve completed 1 […]

Team AM – Houston: Men’s Health Magazine Urbanathlon Training on The Playground

Here are some video highlights from one of our Team AM ( training sessions at the playground. We are a few weeks out from competing for the first time, in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon. During the time that we shot this footage, my focus was to help build up the guys’s muscle endurance, improve their […]

Tire Battle Relay @ Houston’s Premier Fitness Bootcamp – JoshOne FitCamp

Here’s a clip of my fitcamp warriors & warriorettes playing a little game we call the “Tire Battle Relay.” Be sure to check out the dogfight between Leo & yours truly at the end. This is how we have fun, while getting stronger, leaner, and more, each day. As you can see, big toys aren’t […]