Articles from August 2009

Kettlebell Workout of the Day + IKFF Fun w/ Overhead Squat

1a. Alt. KB Swings x 1 min. 1b. KB Overhead squat x 6 ea. side (perform 6 on the left, then 6 on the right) – * When performing the OH squat, keep your eye on the kettlebell/free hand out in front/hips back (push the bell up, while sinking your lats down). Only go as […]

More Highlights From The Underground Strength Coach Certification & Gym License

Here are more highlights from the Underground Strength Coach Certification & Gym License seminar, at my man Zach Even-Esh‘s gym in Edison, NJ. My fellow Underground Strength Coaches & I had the honor of training Zach’s hardcore athletes. Let it be known that these dudes are serious “beasts,” so we couldn’t step to them with […]

“Tire Battling” w/ Sincere Hogan & Rick Daman @ The Underground Strength Gym

Recently, my man Zach Even-Esh of, explained the benefits of getting your “tire battle” on, when training with a partner or team. This is one of the many ways you can add variety to your training, have some fun, and get hella strong. Also, by switching your feet though out the drill, you can […]