Articles from June 2009

WOD: 062909 10 min. Kettlebell/Jump Rope Circuit

I’m a little perturbed that my elbow has not fully healed from getting caught in an armbar, during a Brazilian Jui-Jitsu open mat session over a week ago. However, I have to do some kettlebell work, or I’m going to lose it! Don’t get me wrong, you have to give injuries time to heal. Yet, […]

“Real Women Do Push Ups!” Here’s Proof!

I’ve said it a million times before: “Real Women Do Push Ups!” However, Coach Tara, one of favorite folks to follow on You Tube, shows that some women do push ups farrrrr better than most men. She evens busts out with one of my favs: the 1 Legged Dan push up (or as I call […]

Being A Healthy Role Model For Your Kids: An Interview w/ Rocco of

Here’s an interview I did with my man, Rocco, regarding being a fit & healthy role model for your kids. I dedicate this to all of the dads out there. Happy Father’s day. What are your favorite activities to do with your kiddos? Please share your favs below in the comment section below.

Fit Pro Donovan Owens Shares His Quick Fit Tips For Bad A** Dad’s Week

My buddy from the Austin/Hutto, Texas area, Donovan Owens (aka DFitness Guy), shares some quick fit tips for the B.A.D. (bad a## dads) out there, in order to turn them from a couch potato, to a New Warrior. Check out more from Donovan at or on twitter: @DFitnessGuy Lastly, follow me on twitter: @joshonefitness […]

Houston MMA Instructor Duane Stevenson’s Warrior Spirit Is Stronger Than Any Physical Disability or Past Abuse

I recently came across the following video, while looking for more local lovers (and practitioners) of mixed martial arts. I was more than surprised, awestruck, and more importantly, inspired when I found this documentary, Monster Warrior:Soul of a Warrior, featuring Houston MMA instructor Duane Stevenson. Duane is living proof of one who truly lives by […]

How To Take The ‘Work’ Out of Your Workout. It’s Time To Play! – A Guest Post By The “Fight Geek”

My Fitness Story: “Fitness as Play” Guest Post By: Kira Robert Clarke What is your fitness narrative? What’s the story you use to understand fitness, to explain why you exercise? For me, fitness is play … When I was young, I lived near a long beach. Running alongside the beach, there was a lot of […]

June 1st is The New January 1st + Sincere Trains For The Men’s Health Urbathalon in Chicago

What’s up fellow Warriors & She-Warriors. I just got back from the Fast Track To Fitness Millions Summit in New Jersey, and I’m still amped! Not only did I discover even more ways of bringing you the best warrior tools here on NWT, but I recorded some killer videos of my fellow warrior trainers from […]