Articles from March 2009

WOD: 032309 – Full Body Bodyweight training To Kick Off The Week

25 – burpess w/ tuck jump 50 – Push ups (various) 75 – Jumping Prisoner Squats 100 – Mountain Jumpers The object of this workout is to pace yourself, while simultaneously, challenging yourself. There is no set “rest” period. Catch your breath, and get back to work. Don’t spend too much time between exercises, being […]

WOD: 031509: Houston Personal Trainer’s Sunday Morning Brunch Workout of The Day

My definition of a “consistent need for focus” & an “always” humbling experience: Speed Jump Roping while barefoot! Haha. Here’s my Sunday morning brunch workout: 1. Speed jump rope x 100 2. 1 arm Kettlebell Swings x 15/ea. arm 3. Reverse roll & stand x 5 4. Sprawl Push Ups x 10 Perform all of […]

Houston Fit Coach’s 6 Min. Fat Loss Circuit Using A Jump Rope & Kettlebells

Here’s a clip I wanted to share with you all, using a jump rope and kettlebells for quick fat loss. You can grab high quality, affordable kettlebells at Be sure to sign up for my email updates at, for even more fit tips, updates, and more. How do you use the jump rope […]

WOD: 031209 – Kettlebell Jerks/Kettlebell Ab Work/& Yoga

10 min of Yoga for Hips & lower back 1. Kettlebell jerks x 24 kg x 10 min (5 min on left & 5 min on right) 2. KB Waiter’s Bow 3. KB Good Morning x 16 kg x 10 x 2 10 min of Yoga/Joint Mobility