Articles from November 2008

"Coach Sincere Hogan Demonstrates Hill Sprints For Fat Loss"

Hill Sprints are excellent for fat loss, gaining strength, lean muscle building, and explosive power. Hill sprints not only give a great cardio workout, but also build muscle. Incorporating hill sprints in your routine once or twice a week, on non-consecutive days, is an excellent way to speed up your fat loss, and improve your […]

WOD: 111708

Here’s another quick workout, that hits the full body, burns fat, and build strength.  The beauty of it all is, you can do this workout just about anywhere, and the equipment is portable. If you do not have a power push up from Lifeline, or a Battling Rope, grab your own, by click the links […]

WOD: 11/11/08 Kettlebell Ladders

  Perform 1 rep on one side, exchange the kb, and perform 1 rep on the other side. Next, exchange kb, and perform 2 reps on one side, exchange…etc. Start from 1 rep and work your way to 10 on excercises 1 and 2. work from 1 to 5 on exercise 3. Perform hindu push […]

WOD: 11/10/08 – Bball Court Suicides/Bear Crawls/Inch Worms

Rest 3 minutes between each set of exercises. 1. Full Court Suicides x 3 2. Full Court Bear Crawl Suicides (crawl to cone-sprint back to bassline) 3. Inch Worm from bassline to mid-court + jump rope x 250 + inchworm 2 bassline & repeat 4. Full Court Bear Crawl Suicides (same as 32 above) 5. […]