WOD: Tuesday – 090908: Kettlebell Ladders w/ Bear Crawls

Warm Up: 2 Hand Kettlebell Swing x 5 x 1 minutes Kettlebell Ladder: Perform the following amount of reps for exercise 1a, then immediately perform the exact same amount for exercise 1b. Perform the number of reps of this superset without rest in between. Once done with first superset, rest 1 minute, and then perform […]

R.I.P. To A True Warrior, Evan Tanner

This morning, I found out that UFC fighter, Evan Tanner had passed away. According to He was an MMA great, as well as a great Texan. Evan Tanner was truly the renaissance man of MMA, with a great work ethic. I truly hoped it wasn’t true when I saw the tweet about Evan’s passing this […]