Articles from August 2008

WOD: 082808 – Thursday "Play Your Cards Right"

Take a deck of cards, and use the number on each card as the designated set of reps for the exercise assigned to the card. Face cards = 10 reps Aces = 20 reps Jokers = Burpees x 50 reps Hearts = Jump Ropes (rep amount x 10 – i.e. King of Hearts is 10 […]

WOD: Wednesday – 082608 "Tubes de Resistance!"

This morning, my workout partner, Russell and I, decided to add a little resistance tube training to our workout. It’s been a while since I have done a resistance tube workout. However, after what we went through this morning, I was reminded of why I love training with sturdy resistance tube equipment like Lifeline’s TNT […]

WOD: Tuesday – 082608 – Kettlebell & Jump Rope Circuit

1. 1 Hand Kettlebell Swing (l/r) x 2 min./side 2. Jump Rope x 400 3. Kettlebell Front Squat x 1 min Perform this circuit of exercises for 4 rounds with 30 sec. rest between exercises and 1 min. rest between sets. This workout will surely amp up your kettlebell training, fat burning routine, as well […]

WOD: Monday – 082508

1. 5 x Spint Up Stairs 2. 10 x Hindu Push Ups 3. 15 x Knee 2 Elbow Push Up Planks Perform as many rounds as possible for 25 min. Today’s total: 4 full rounds + 2 rounds up stairs There’s nothing like a little early-to-mid-morning Texas heat, to challenge you and make you truly […]

WOD: Thursday 073108 Greasing The Groove

Just did some Kettlebell swings and kettlebell juggling in during my Kettlebell Conditioning classes rest periods. No set amount or reps or sets during this time. I just wanted to use the swing to demonstrate proper form for the class, while working out some soreness from Tuesday’s “Cindy” workout, for myself. You will find that […]