WOD: Wednesday 070908 – Jump Rope Pyramid

This workout is excellent for fat loss, and combines kettlebell exercises with my favorite fat-burning tool, the jump rope. Perform each exercise back to back. Take brief breaks to re-hydrate. You will work your way up the ladder of reps for each exercise. For example, perform 50 jump ropes, then immediately perform 5 one-arm kettlebell […]

WOD: Sunday 070608

OK, I’m still a little amped from the UFC fight from last night. Don’t  ask me what I thought of the Rampage:Griffin fight. Let’s just say, I look forward to a rematch. anyhow, here’s a quick 2o minute workout that will definitely make any fat you’re trying tog et rid of, tap out! 1. Jump […]

WOD: Saturday 070508

There’s nothing better than getting up and training during a Houston mid-morning, while there is no sun & humidity. Trust me, for that to happen in July, is asking for a lot. However, it wouldn’t have mattered. I planned to kick my buddy Jared, and my behind with the following quick (but killer) workout. This […]