Articles from July 2008

WOD: Tuesday – 072908: Crossfit’s "Cindy"

I decided to mix it up a bit today, and return to one of my favorite workouts from the great folks over at Crossfit. Her name is “Cindy.” Her butt-kicking prowess – unmatched! Perform as many rounds as possible for 20 minutes. Leave your results in the comments section. 1. 5 Pull Ups 2. 10 […]

WOD: Monday – 072808 Jump Rope Pyramid

Perform exercises 1 and 3 in a ladder fashion: 1. Jump Rope – 50,100,150,200,250 2. Full Court Suicides (or set up cones 5 yards apart for 25 yards) 3. Push Ups – 5,10,15,20,15,20,25 4. Full Court Sprint Finish time: 19m:18s

WOD: Sunday 072708 – Kettlebell Swing/Clean/Snatch Ladder

Here’s a quicky that will rev up your metabolism, burn lots of calories and fat, build overall strength, and help create lean mean muscle, no to mention have your heart thumping to the soundtrack of a European nightclub. this is some serious warrior training, but I love it. I’m sure the warrior within you will, […]

What Can You Do In 10 Minutes This Weekend?

It’s the weekend, and this is usually the time most kick back and relax. It is also a time when a lot fo folks try to cram in errands they did not accomplish during week, spend time with friends and family, or are venturing out on a vacation. With so much going on in a […]

WOD: Thursday – 072408

1. 1 arm kettlebell swings x 32kg (70#) x 5 sets x 10 reps/side 2. Kettlebell Windmills x 20kg (44#) x 2 x 5/side & 24kg(53#) x 1 x 5/side 3. Kettlebell Clean x 20kg (44#) x 1 x 5 & 24kg (53#) x 4 x 5 rest=2 minutes between sets and 3 minutes between […]

WOD: Wednesday – 072308

Decided to put the bells down today, and call up an old friend…the medicine ball. It’s been a while, but we enjoyed our time together. we decided my abs needed a butt-kicking, and crunches and sit ups just won’t do. This workout is performed in a circuit fashion, no rest between exercises, rest 1 minute […]

WOD: Tuesday – 072208

1. KB Renegade Rows x 5/side 2. KB DBL Squat Thrusters x 10 3. Jump Rope x 3 min rest 90 secs. Perform all three exercises without rest. Once you complete a round of all 3, rest 90 secs, and repeat. Perform 5 rounds.

WOD: Sunday 072008 – The Anatomy Of A Burpee

From time to time, I come across emails from some of you asking, “What exactly is a burpee?” Other than being one of the foundational exercises of my program, the burpee is a great all-around, full body exercise. However, many often confuse the “burpee” with its cousins, the squat thrust or 8-count bodybuilders. However, all […]