10 Top Fitness Pros Come Together For Hurricane Ike Fundraiser


Will you join me, live, for the next couple of days? Will you help me, along with 10 of the top names in the health & fitness industry; help displaced families highly affected by the damages of Hurricane Ike?

Yesterday was one month to the day that Hurricane Ike roared through the Houston-Galveston area, causing millions of dollars in property damage, and an immeasurable amount of emotional, spiritual and mental damage to residents caught in Ike’s path?

While organizations such as the Houston Food Bank and the Awakening’s Movement’s REACH 3 Ward assistance program work diligently to helped displaced storm victim regain “life as normal,” their funds and resources are limited.

Beginning Wednesday, October 15, join me, and an expert panel of health & fitness professionals for a 2 day telefundraiser, as we not only conduct 6 live phone calls broadcasted live over the internet, but we help raise funds for these two organizations, in order to assist them in their efforts to help rebuild the lives of Hurricane Ike victims.

Your generous donation gets you 24/7 VIP access to 6 content-rich calls discussing the best health & fitness tips to help you create the body, and live the healthiest life you desire. If you cannot make the live calls or webinar, your generous donation gives you unlimited access to replays of all 6 calls, their transcripts, as well as give you the option to download each call and save them as an MP3.

I have hand-picked the best in the health & fitness world to give you their top tips on:

1. How Busy Parents Can Fit Exercise in a Crazy Schedule
2. The Top Foods You Should Be Eating To Create The Body You Desire
3. Why Kettlebells Are the Body Sculpting Tool OF Choice For Today’s Top Celebrities, and Why Should Be Using Them Now!
4. How to Create the Proper Support Team For Your Fitness Success
5. How To Create A Success Mindset in Order To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Goals
6. How To Create A Lean, Tone Body You Desire Without Ever Purchasing A Gym Membership

The coaching from these successful fitness professionals would easily cost hundreds of dollars per hour. However, you can listen and receive their highly sought after tips, for your generous donation of $10. That’s right….only $10. For the price of about 2 lattes at Starbucks, or a movie ticket, you can get the tools and tips to help you get on your way to creating the healthiest body and mind of your dreams, while helping victims of Hurricane Ike re-realize theirs.

Simply hop over to http://fitnessprosforikerelief.com right now, to learn more, as well as make your generous donation. You donation is tax-deductable, and most importantly, 100% of your donation is equally split between the Houston Food Bank and the Awakenings Movement’s REACH program.

Just hop over to http://fitnessprosforikerelief.com, now to learn how you can help us help so many in need. I look forward to seeing you on the calls, and thank you in advance for your heartfelt donation to this extremely important cause.

Yours in health,

Sincere Hogan
“The People’s Fit Coach”

p.s. Please help us share this opportunity of giving by forwarding this email to your friends, family, and email followers. Together, we can all help reshape our bodies, our minds, and most importantly the lives of so many affected by the damages of Hurricane Ike in the Houston-Galveston area.

p.s.s. I truly look forward to seeing you on the calls, as well as posting videos of the day I proudly present both organizations with the funds raised through all of our collective efforts. Thank you.

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  • It’s good to see people coming together for worthy causes, and this event gives people a chance to learn some good fitness tips as well.

  • Sincere

    Thanks Julian. Today’s call were great, and very informative. I can’t wait until tomorrow’s calls. Please spread the word, my man.